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Yamaha Vixion New Spec

Gear Ratio R15 6 Speed

Fuel Injection Control Kit


  • Bore 61 mm
  • Throtlle Body 32.5 mm
  • Piggybag
  • Custom Camshaft
  • 6 Speed R15 Ratio

P220 Tuned by ABBYS on Tabloid Otomotif

klik image untuk perbesar 🙂

P220 Torry Parantoro Jeskoneng (Prides)

P220 Ported and Polished with ABBYS Trioval Chrome

Denny Duro P220 (Prides)

Pulsar P220 Ported and Polished with ABBYS B series Exhaust

Byson 225 cc


  • Bore 70mm
  • 34mm-28mm Valve
  • KOSO 32Carb
  • ABBYS B Series Exhaust
  • Ported and Polished

New Scorpio Z

Michael New Scorpio Z, Ported and Polished

Megelli 250 Anton (Neon Flex)

Megelli 250

  • Abbys oval Undertail Exhaust
  • WrAin (Water and Air Injection)
  • Koso 34 Carb
  • CDI CP Amateur

Bajaj Pulsar 220

Bajaj Pulsar 220

  • Ported and Polished
  • Stock Carb
  • ABBYS Trioval Exhaust

Yamaha Scorpio 225

Scorpio Z Andi Blitar

  • Ported and Polished
  • Koso 32 Carb
  • ABBYS J Series
  • Byson Front Fork
  • CLD Clutch Spring
  • Daytona Clutch Plate
  • Rear Disc Brake

Suzuki Satria F150

Satria F150

Ported and Polished