Our stage 1 engine tune comprises of an engine blueprint. We make small modifications to the engine internals to optimise the performance of the standard engine. This results in a small increase in power throughout the rev range, and smooths the power curve for better driveability.

Our stage 2 tune includes crank balance, compression boost, re-profiled camshafts and intake and exhaust port polish. This can significantly increase power and smooth the power curve at the same time.

A stage 3 tune includes is a full engine tune. This includes crank balancing, a compression boost, billet camshafts, re-worked cylinder head, clutch modifications and race gearbox.

In addition to our 3 stages of tuning, we offer custom tuning, where we can make an extra modifications to your engine. If there is something specific you would like done to your engine not offered in the 3 stages above, please contact us and we┬┤ll be happy to discuss your performance needs.

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