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Cakra’s Vivian

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Yamaha Vixion

Cakra’s Vivian

  • Ported and Polished
  • Abbys Triovale Exhaust Chrome Series
  • Compression Boost

Chiblek (Stage 2)


Chiblek  (stage 2)

  • Koso 30 carb
  • 20′ Super Flo Valve
  • Moded Camshaft
  • Moded Chamber
  • Abbys Trioval Final Exhaust
  • Compression Boost
  • Ported Polished

Dyno Result Menyusul ya



  • Ported Polished
  • High Dome Izumi Piston OS 50
  • Titanium coated  Piston Ring
  • 45-15 Back Cut Valve
  • Abbys Trioval S series

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Sebelum PNP senalpod free flow

Memakai Knalpot ABBYS Lite Triovale

Setelah PNP dan Knalpot ABBYS Lite Trioval

The Juggernaut

Top HP

Suzuki Thunder 250 Bimo “The Juggernaut”

Head Rebuild

Abbys Lite Ovale

Ported and polished